Dear Izzy,

I haven’t slept in a week, I am weak, I am awake, so here I am with more thoughts.

Thought #1: The English Language Exam.

Honestly it went as well as I expected it to go, English language is English language isn’t it?  I was rushed for time and I rambled for a significant portion of my writing but it could have been worse.

Thought #2: My various injuries.

Today I have:
•Accidentally kicked a door, injuring my foot
•Banged my head against a door frame
•Slammed my hand against a wall, bruising my fingers.
•Got a blister on the top of my toe.
•Cut my chin accidentally when I scratched a face itch.
So, all in all, it’s been a successful day for avoiding harm.

Thought #3: My Growing ‘To Be Read’ Pile.

I think your book hoarding is rubbing off on me as my book pile now consists of:
•The Night Circus
•The Great Gatsby
•The Phantom Of The Opera
•The Beggar And The Hare
•The Three.

Thought #4: A Storage Problem

I need to buy more shelves to put my numerous new books in because they’re currently just stacked on my bedside table.

Thought #5: By Golly Look At The Time!

It’s now 11:23 and I should go to sleep because I am a cranky demon when I don’t get enough sleep (also before you can say it, I need all the beauty sleep I can get).

I’m sure you’re already asleep (and have been since 8.30 pm) therefore you’ll probably stumble across this tomorrow, Happy Wednesday! Tidy your room, change your sheets, and eat some salad. Give my love to your parents and look after yourself you nerd. x

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