50 Things That Make Me Happy

Sometimes it takes things going badly for you to appreciate the things that make you happy. Yesterday wasn’t a great day for me but in the middle of a full on ugly-crying session I realised there are so many good things in my life. So, if you’re struggling to find a smile, here’s a list of little things that hopefully make you as happy as they make me.

  1. Scented candles.
  2. Conversations about hopes and dreams and secrets that go on into the early hours of the morning.
  3. Soft blankets.
  4. Getting your nails manicured.
  5. Good hugs.
  6. Bad puns.
  7. Finding the perfect gift for someone.
  8. Sinking your toes into thick carpet.
  9. The Princess Bride.
  10. Spending time with your family.
  11. Waking up feeling refreshed.
  12. Crystals.
  13. Platonic “I love you”s
  14. Waking up and seeing that it’s snowed, and the only marks in the snow are little bird footprints.
  15. When someone says they’ve missed me.
  16. Discovering new music that I love.
  17. Finally cracking a joint that’s felt squished forever.
  18. Pretty matching underwear.
  19. Pens that make your handwriting pretty.
  20. Strong wifi connection.
  21. Quiet nights in with friends.
  22. Seeing someone I love’s eyes light up as they tell me about something that they’re passionate about.
  23. Freshly washed hair.
  24. When my brother surprises me with a squeezy hug.
  25. Warm days with a cold breeze.
  26. When dogs are excited to see me.
  27. Seeing a nice dog in public.
  28. When dogs falls asleep on me.
  29. Dogs, in general.
  30. Looking out of train windows.
  31. The perfect cup of tea.
  32. Fluffy cake.
  33. When the sky is so dark that you can see all of the stars.
  34. Blanket forts.
  35. Bubble baths.
  36. The crunch when you step of frosty grass.
  37. Brownies that are gooey in the middle.
  38. Clean sheets.
  39. Seeing strangers with pastel-coloured hair.
  40. Orange juice in the morning.
  41. When there’s no lines at the airport.
  42. Running whilst pushing a trolley then taking your feet off the ground and gliding.
  43. Unexpected thoughtful gestures.
  44. Reading a good book with a good cup of tea.
  45. Blog posts from Izzy at Thinking And Inking.
  46. Oversized hoodies.
  47. Waking up really early in the morning and enjoying the quiet as the rest of the world seems to be sleeping.
  48. Spending hours in coffee shops talking about everything and nothing.
  49. Singing along out of tune to songs in the car.
  50. Wrapping presents.

Anyway, there we go, 50 things that make me happy. Sorry for my incredibly infrequent posting, I’m awful, I know. Drink some water, moisturise, eat some veggies. Take care of yourself x

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