In The Heights, A Review

The front cover of the in the heights program. Text reads

Guess who is incredibly freaking lucky and got to see In The Heights on Tuesday. My incredibly lovely mother decided that we should go on a day out to London and when I suggested In The Heights, she bought us tickets to go (let me emphasise how awesome she is by saying that I asked her to get these tickets at 9:35pm the night before we were going to London and she somehow managed to book tickets, I’m a very lucky and very grateful daughter)
I was a little hesitant upon arriving at King’s Cross Theatre and realising that it is a pretty tiny theatre with a strange seating plan (I later found out the seating plan is so strange because the venue was custom built for The Railway Children). The audience sits on both sides of the stage and I was worried I was going to get sidetracked looking at the audience opposite me instead of focusing on the stage. However, once the show started I knew there was no way I would be looking at anything other than the incredible spectacle unfolding before me.

Right from the get go I genuinely had an uncontrollable grin on my face, it was an explosion of music and dance and colour and pure joy. Explosive is the only word that can accurately describe it. I’ve seen a few musicals before, Lion King was incredible, Chicago was disappointing, Little Shop of Horrors was fun, but none of them have ever left me feeling so energised as In The Heights. It is incredibly choreographed, using a simple set and adding all the interest though clever lighting and dance routines.

Another bonus was the fact that King’s Cross Theatre has a cocktail bar where you can enjoy a “Summ-mojhito” during the interval. It’s a mix of strawberry, lime, vodka and some other spirit which I don’t remember. (Sadly I couldn’t order one of my own but I did steal a large amount of my mum’s.)

In The Heights was probably the best show I’ve ever seen and I really really hope that I see it again (Izzy, you’ve gotta come see it with me), especially as under 25 tickets are only £15 each.

So there’s my review of In The Heights at King’s Cross Theatre. Have a bubble bath, call/text someone you love, do your work now instead of leaving it to the last minute. Take care of yourself x

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