Eating Vegetarian In Salisbury

I’ve been vegetarian for about 3 and a half years now, and the biggest hurdle I faced in the beginning was finding vegetarian options when I went out to eat. So, if you’re newly vegetarian, here’s some of my favourite veggie dishes in Salisbury restaurants.


My favourite dish at Prezzo has got to be the Queen Margherita. It’s split into 3 sections, margherita with sun-blushed and cherry tomatoes; margherita with asparagus, spinach and pesto dressed rocket; and the third section has a béchamel sauce base with burrata mozzarella. An additional bonus of Prezzo is that unlike most Italian restaurants which use Parmesan cheese, Prezzo use Bella Lodi, a vegetarian alternative. So when they ask if you want more cheese on your pizza, the answer is a definite yes.

Greengages Cafe
Greengages is probably the best place to eat in Salisbury if you are vegan or coeliac. They have a wide range of vegan and vegetarian options including mains like lasagna or gnocchi as well as vegan/gluten free cakes. There’s a really relaxed atmosphere and all the staff members are lovely.

Byron Burger
I initially avoided Byron like the plague because their menu is 99% beef burgers and I didn’t think their veggie burger would be any good. I was definitely wrong, the byron bean burger is now one of my all time favourite veggie burgers. I also love the sweet potato fries, but be warned, don’t go overboard on the sides because the burgers are super filling.

Whenever I’m looking for something light and fresh tasting, my go to is the wagamama Yasai Pad Thai (with no egg because I’m picky). Wagamama do quite a wide range of veggie options, including ramen, curries and donburi. Also, the super green juice is delicious.

The Shah Jahan
If you’re looking for Indian food, go no further than the Shah Jahan. They have lots of vegetarian options, my favourite of which is the Paneer Jai Puri. The staff are very friendly and every single dish is delicious.

Cantina El Burrito
If you’re in Salisbury on a Tuesday or a Saturday, check out the marketplace for Cantina El Burrito. They serve delicious mexican food and have bean or quorn options for almost all the dishes including nachos and burritos. Don’t worry if you don’t like spice, there’s a choice of sauces from barbeque to “totally stupid”. I love the nachos with beans, sour cream, cheese, fresh salsa, coriander and barbeque sauce.

So, there you go, hopefully you now have some more of an idea as to where you can get vegetarian food. Eat well, change your sheets, drink lots of water. Take care of yourself x

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