Books I Never Finished

As is blatantly obvious by my erratic posting, I am not a very consistent person. I get so excited about new, shiny, ideas that I forget about all the things I’ve already started. I am one of those people who has learned 20 words of 5 languages, written the first page of 5 books, and can play 1 song on 5 different instruments. It’s no surprise then that I have a mountain of books which I’ve started but never completed. If I don’t find a book completely fascinating, it will end up in the depths of a bag or a cupboard, never to be seen again. So, here’s some brief book reviews on books I never finished and am therefore completely unqualified to review (you’ve been forewarned).


Game of Thrones
I honestly tried to hard to get into this book, I’ve read the first few chapters over and over again, each time thinking, “right, everyone is obsessed with this, it’ll be really good once I get into it”, but each time failing to get past the first 100 pages. I just really struggled with how many different perspectives there were because it stopped me from getting invested in the characters and the plotlines when it was chopping and changing every few minutes. I know the TV show has gained a bit of a cult following, who’re probably going to come and club me to death with the book whilst I sleep, but I just didn’t find it engaging so it’s only going to get a 5/10 from me (Sorry GOT mega-fans).

EDIT (10/06/18): I now love GOT, how could I be so wrong.

Games Primates Play
This book was actually really interesting, it’s about why humans interact with each other in the way we do, and how many of these interactions we share with primates. As an A Level psychology student, this is a book I really should probably read. I was actually enjoying reading this but then exams came and I was too busy revising to read so it ended up collecting dust on a bookshelf somewhere, never to be finished. I’ll probably pick this one up again because it was interesting science explained simply, without ever being condescending or childish. 7/10.

Simon: The Genius In My Basement
I have no idea how this book ended up in my possession, it was most likely something my mum bought and never read so she threw it at me for me to read instead. It’s a story about a man called Simon, who is a genius but also a complete mess of a human being. He has an incredible mind capable of working on complex theoretical puzzles but also lives in a basement, surrounded by plastic bags and outdated maps. I appreciated parts of this book but I think I was too young to really enjoy it, a book about the “frailty of genius” is never going to be a favourite of a 12 year old. 6/10

The Book Thief
A couple of years ago this book was recommended to me by every single person I spoke to – friends, English teachers, bookshop sales assistants. After finally deciding to give it a go, I struggled to get into it but slowly made my way through around half of the book. I’m not quite sure where I ended up getting to, but I know the book ended up on my shelf, never to be finished. From what I remember the plot was really interesting and the characters were well developed but for whatever reason I just couldn’t connect with it and got bored of trying to wade through a book that I had no genuine desire to read. From the hundreds of positive reviews, I’m sure most people will enjoy this book, I just personally didn’t like it. 7/10

The Fry Chronicles
At my Doctor’s surgery they sell books which have been donated by patients as a way to raise money for the practise. I loved this idea and (partly to support my Doctor’s) picked up the Fry Chronicles, Stephen Fry’s autobiography. I have one particular friend who mocked me relentlessly whenever she saw me reading this but I love QI and Stephen Fry seems like a generally decent guy so I figured it would be worth a read. Then, exams struck and I stopped reading and instead stuck my head in a Chemistry revision guide in a desperate last minute attempt to pass (it worked, I somehow got an A. I’m not entirely sure that they didn’t get my paper mixed up with someone else’s but I’d rather not question it). I never picked the book back up again after exams and I will probably never bother finishing it, I’m not a huge biography reader and I already have far too many books on my “to be read” list. It was an average book, with some funny moments and a general sense of honesty throughout it. 5.5/10

So there you have it, some completely unfounded reviews of books which I never finished. If you think any of these books are worth me reading, leave a comment and let me know. Winter is almost here so wrap up in your cosiest jumper, have a nice bubble bath and make yourself a cup of tea. Take care of yourself x

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