Dear Izzy,

Please don’t nag me for not posting anything in a very long time. I’m a mess and I can not manage to do anything consistently. I’m halfway through about 500 different projects instead of just finishing one of them. (I’m going to blame it on being a gemini rather than the fact I am just a very noncommittal person.)

Confession, I have spent all of today and all of yesterday in my pyjamas. They’re super comfortable and the concept of going back to school tomorrow has put me in such a sad state that I couldn’t face getting dressed. I actually l generally like sixth form (I sound almost as keen as you, someone please stop me) apart from the fact I have to get up at 6:45 every morning. Early mornings are awful, especially in the winter when you wake up and its dark, and cold, and I have no motivation at all to get out of bed. I will never support your horrific habit of waking up early in the morning by choice, I make it my life’s mission to spend as much time asleep as is humanly possible. Also, I only seem to be able to concentrate and get my work done after 9 o’clock, so 6:45 starts do not work well for me.

Speaking of work, I need to find a proper job because otherwise I’m going to be completely skint after buying everyone’s Christmas presents. I also need to figure out what I’m going to buy for everyone’s Christmas presents because you have weird taste and my mother is the most picky person I’ve ever met. Her only interests are cars, diamonds, and Hugh Jackman, none of which I can provide. Send me a list of books you like and I’ll pick some for your Christmas and birthday presents, although if your ‘to be read’ pile gets any bigger you might have to apply for planning permission. I still haven’t read anything on my to be read list, the only things I’ve read recently are Ms. Marvel comics, Handmaid’s tale (for English), and incredibly boring history essays. They could not have picked a more dispiriting set of books for the English A Level. Handmaid’s Tale is all about the oppression of women, A Streetcar Named Desire is filled with domestic abuse, and then Frankenstein, which I’ve never read but which is apparently just as dark. I think we must have a really morbid English department.

I ordered a load of university prospectuses (Keen I know, but I either plan or I panic) and I realised I don’t really have much of a clue about where I want to go or what I want to study. I was pretty set on studying psychology, but as much as I’d love to become a psychotherapist or forensic psychologist, I think the course might be all too sciency for me. The current university shortlist is Southampton, UCL, Queen Mary’s London and Bath (which would be very convenient for our shopping trips.) However, I’m incredibly indecisive so by tomorrow I’ll probably have decided that I don’t even want to go to uni and I’m going to be a nomadic sheep herder instead.

Right, I’m off to start sorting out all the thousands of books I need for tomorrow. Miss you lots, you need to come visit me so I can give you the tourist’s tour that I promised. Don’t procrastinate, get lots of sleep, and eat some vegetables. Love you lots, take care of yourself x

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