Conspiracy Theories

Anyone who knows me well could tell you that I am a bit of a conspiracy theory enthusiast. Halloween may be over, but to keep the spooky spirit alive, here’s a few of my favourite bizarre conspiracies.

Avril Lavigne’s Clone

Most people have heard of Avril Lavigne – the idol of every teen during their ’emo’ phase (think pop punk, heavy eyeliner, and a diagonal fringe) – but have you heard the conspiracy that she died in 2003? This theory emerged on a Brazilian fan page, and claimed that for the last 13 years, a woman named Melissa Vandella has been impersonating Avril Lavigne. Now, before you get incredibly invested in this theory, bear in mind that the creator has since come out and said that they made up this theory to prove that people on the internet will believe anything. They successfully proved their point, there has been a litany of videos presenting evidence for this theory and discussing which other celebrities might have been replaced by imposters.

The Moon Isn’t Real

Step aside ‘The moon landing was faked’, there’s a new conspiracy in town. Camerman and youtuber Crrow777 started the theory that the moon doesn’t exist at all, and has produced some spooky footage to prove it. The footage shows a ‘lunar wave’ (ripple) across the moon, which Crrow777 says is a regularly occurring glitch in the moon hologram. (At least, I think that’s what he’s saying, it’s a very confusing theory.) If this footage isn’t enough to persuade you, there’s more. Crrow777 has also said that since posting the footage several people in the know have come forward and told him that he’s right, and that the moon truly is a hologram. However, even people on the Flat Earth Society forums don’t seem to believe this theory; and they believe that the world is flat.

Donald Trump Can’t Read

Samantha Bee – host of  comedy US late night show ‘Full Frontal’- may have come up with my all time favourite conspiracy theory. She presents some pretty damning evidence that Trump can’t read, from the fact that he dictates his tweets to his hatred of teleprompters. When you think about it, it all adds up, the reason his debate answers are always a nonsensical mess is because he doesn’t have a clue what his debate prep notes say. Samantha Bee was just intending to mock all the Clinton conspiracies out there, but maybe she’s truly onto something?

So there you have it, 3 of the weirdest conspiracies I could find on the internet. Some runners up for this list included the theory that many world leaders are actually lizards, that Hillary Clinton is actually dead, and that the Earth is hollow. Drink lots of water, don’t procrastinate, talk to someone who you’ve lost touch with. Take care of yourself  x




Apparently Avril Lavigne is dead and an imposter has been living her life
Samantha Bee put together damning evidence to ‘prove’ that Donald Trump can’t read

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