Dear Izzy,

It’s been an eventful couple of weeks. January started off with two weeks of mock exams, which made for a really relaxing start to the new term. Trust me, having AS Level History and English exams on neighbouring days is a sure-fire recipe for stress, last minute cramming, and a lot of comfort eating. My revision mostly paid off though, apart from a bit of a disastrous result on the British module of history.

Since exams, I’ve entered a reading spree after having not read anything for a month or so. I’ve read Brave New World, Fahrenheit 451 and The Portrait of Dorian Grey this week, and liked all of them (Debating whether or not to do a proper review of them at some point, thoughts?) Today I’ve had a delivery of Day Four (the kind of sequel to The Three), The Burning World (actual sequel to Warm Bodies), and Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet (not a sequel at all). My book storage is getting more and more slapdash, first I had an actual bookcase, then I commandeered my bedside tables, now the beams in my room are being used as shelves. Luckily I still haven’t reached your level of hoarding where my floor is covered in precarious towers of to-be-read books.

A new discovery last week was that I need glasses. On one hand, my childhood dream of wearing glasses (probably because I was very jealous of your snazzy black and white hibiscus print frames) has come true. On the other hand, having to wear glasses all day every day to prevent my vision from deteriorating is not ideal. It’s been a long and weary process trying to choose some glasses because I am both indecisive and particular, leading my mother to be on the borderline of complete despair as I try on 1001 different pairs. I finally chose some yesterday, one black pair by Karen Millen and a tortoiseshell pair with dark pink by Tommy Hilfiger. I think my ever patient (but increasingly dejected, her exact quote is “I felt like smashing my head on a brick wall”) mother will sleep better tonight knowing this quest for the holy grail is over.

January has also been a month filled with birthdays, most of which I have failed to buy presents for because I am unorganised and moderately broke. For you, however, I have assembled a box of food and cosy things so you need to come stay with me at some point and pick it up.

Oh 2008, the time of pizza making birthday parties and my mum thinking that every photo should be in sepia – featuring me and you (the ultimate 8 year old dynamic duo) on the left hand side.

Hope your birthday was brilliant and beyond. Eat lots of cake, open lots of presents, and have a good time at the wild Frome house party. Love you loads and hope I’ll see you soon. Take care of yourself x

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