Dear Izzy,

It’s been a few days of highs and lows.

Let’s start with the highs:

  • Started a really interesting online course about the neurodevelopment of babies. It’s making me think that child psychology is something I may really want to go into in the future. Not so fun fact: children raised in institutions have higher base levels of cortisol and lower levels of oxytocin.
  • I found £15 in my coat pocket
  • My EPQ is finally done! I didn’t actually read through it in full because it’s beyond boring, but my supervisor seemed to think it was okay so that’s all that matters.
  • I think I’m going to (maybe, possibly, potentially) write a book so I’ve been having a fun time nerding out over worldbuilding and character planning.
  • I had a French speaking mock which I managed to do without having a total meltdown, a definite sign of improvement.

And now for the lows:

  • My room is being invaded by wasps. I kid you not, they’re actually evil. So far today I have killed three (wasps are the only thing exempt from my vegetarian hippy ‘love all creatures’ philosophy) and have had to lock my window to stop one maniac from breaking in and exacting revenge for his fallen comrades. I will be sleeping with one eye open tonight, that’s for sure.
  • Every muscle in my legs seems to be staging some kind of uprising, and it’s just a painful and unnecessary experience. Despite the fact I did absolutely no leg-based exercise, I am walking around like an 80 year old who’s just had a hip replacement.
  • I got rejected for a job today. After an application, a phone interview, a face-to-face interview and a shop trial in a store that’s over an hour away I was kind of hoping that I’d get it. Apparently I wasn’t outgoing enough in my “Hi would you like some hand cream?” accosting of the public outside of the shopfront. Oh well, hopefully next time I’ll have more luck.
  • I painted my nails and despite my manicure surviving all of yesterday without any incidents, today I have picked off about 90% of it, leaving a trail of blue glitter polish everywhere I go. Also I broke a nail just after painting them. I was not impressed.
  • Made the decision to drown my sorrows in butterscotch sauce, now I just feel saturated with sugary-buttery-clogs-your-arteries sauce alongside being a bit sad.

Anyway, I know I haven’t posted anything in ages but I have just been a bit all over the shop lately. Hopefully things will return to their normal state of village life boredom soon and I will be at least a little more consistent. Drink some water, floss your teeth, and arm yourself against the wasp uprising. Love you lots and I’m sorry I missed your dad’s birthday (we thought it was next week because we’re a family of chaos and confusion). Take care of yourself x

One thought on “29/03/17

  1. hello!! re: wasps – move out. re: job – I don’t have one either. Pick yourself up and keep going! re: legs – better start preparing yourself for that hip op. Dad can give you tips 😂 I’m knackered because yday I was up at four and tonight I won’t be back until one, but oh well. Carry on eating junk food x x x

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