It’s Not All Bad 2

Despite the fact that my Easter holidays are being spent revising my AS topics, including neurobiology (yes it really is as boring as it sounds) there is still some good news.

  1. The Pope has opened a free laundromat for the homeless in Rome. They are planning to add showers and a barbershop in the future.
  2. A couple have reunited 64 years after going to prom together to get married.
  3. Chrissy Teigen has donated over $5000 to North Carolina woman Mercedes Edney so she can attend aesthetician school.
  4. Abandoned Iraqi zoo animals Simba the lion and Lulu the bear have been given a safe new home.
  5. A 6 year old is painting stones with ladybugs and hearts to send to the families of Jews whose tombstones have been vandalised. (It is a Jewish tradition to place rocks on graves)
  6. Horse who fell down a hole on the way back from a trip to Taco Bell has been rescued and has no significant injuries.
  7. Julia. the first sesame street muppet to have autism, has had her debut on the show.  The show is aiming to teach children that even though people with autism may communicate differently to other children, they can still be friends.
  8. Amo Singh, a shopkeeper from Gloucestershire, has become a hero in Poland after becoming badly injured by defending a Polish teenager from a gang attack. The Polish community has donated money to Singh online as well as calling for him to be officially invited to Poland as a VIP.
  9. A father who was fired for missing work to attend his son’s birth has been inundated with job offers.
  10. Shakira’s organisation, the Pies Descalzos Foundation, has built 6 schools in poor areas of South America since 1997 and is now working on building a 7th.

I’m currently being attacked by my Ridgeback who is sulking that I’m writing this post rather than cuddling her so I think I’ll end here. The sun is shining, I’ve just had the world’s best macaroni cheese for lunch, and reading these good news stories has made revision slightly more bearable. Enjoy the warm weather (unless it’s cold where you are in which case, sorry!), don’t forget suncream and drink lots of water. Take care of yourself x


Read more about these good news stories here:


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