Dear Izzy,

I have had a massive lack of motivation recently, which is a bit of problem when exams are imminent. One one hand I have psychology teachers telling me to revise into an early grave, and on the other there’s the English department, who take a “What’s revision?” approach. My only external exam this year is French (which I’m taking as an A2 anyway, so it doesn’t really count) but our teachers keep pointing out that our internal grades will be used for our predictions, and therefore if you don’t revise you will never get into university and will ultimately end up living a life of failure.

Alongside exams there’s the horrible process of university applications, a terrifying first step into being an adult which I’m definitely not prepared for (last week I sewing machined through my finger). Currently, it looks like I’m going to apply for psychology but there’s also a chance that I may have a crisis and apply for a degree in flower arranging instead. I haven’t been to any open days yet, but I’m headed off to Bath, Surrey, and UCL in the next few weeks which will hopefully help me make some kind of choice about where I want to go (Bath is currently the only one definitely on my list). Trust me to choose Bath, one of the most competitive Psychology courses in the country. I really do make life more difficult for myself.

On the bright side, this lack of motivation has meant that I’ve had time to binge Netflix, including the whole season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Sense8 (which I may do a whole post reviewing because it’s honestly exceptional). I’ve also procrastinated by doing things which are technically productive, but in no way relevant, like spending hours doing ironing or helping to paint the walls. I think the problem is that my brother is away and my mum is at work so I don’t even pretend to be busy because there’s no-one here to judge me. My only companionship is the dogs, and all they do is sleep so it’s a bit of a one-sided friendship. Luckily I avoided going stir crazy by going out for dinner last night, although it ended up being more of a bushtucker trial than a meal, with my veggie lasagna being the texture of baby food. The pub is so infamous for barring people that even my mother (recreational food critic and haggler extraordinaire) didn’t complain, instead we just sat at our table giggling at how ridiculously bad it was.

I’m determined to be at least a little more productive today, starting with posting this blog and hopefully followed by some revision. Eat some fruit, do some exercise, and don’t procrastinate (believe me, it’s not a good plan). Love you lots and wishing you loads of luck with your exams, take care of yourself x

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